6 Tips For Successful Weight Loss

6 Tips For Successful Weight Loss

Successful weight loss is about changing one thing at a time. Being practical about your weight loss can help you lose weight and keep it off, or just lead a healthier lifestyle.

We have listed six simple weight loss tips, any of which you can implement today.

drink water before eating

Drink Water Before Eating
Drink a glass of water (eight ounces) before every meal to partially fill your stomach and reduce hunger.

it's all a matter of time

It’s All a Matter of Time
Getting healthier and losing weight takes the same thing as anything else worthwhile; time.

change your habits

Making Changes Habit
You may need to stick with new diets or exercises for up to 3 months before they become habit.

let your clothes guide you

Let Clothes Guide You
Rather than buy larger clothes when you put on weight, diet and exercise until they fit comfortably.

eat slowly

Eat Slowly
Putting your fork down between bites will give your body time to recognize when you’re full.

build muscle

Build Muscle
Muscle burns 4 times more calories than fat, so do strength training two to three times a week.

If you still find that you need help reaching your ideal weight, know that you are not alone. To learn more about how medical weight loss can benefit you, call us today at (919) 554-6754 or schedule your consultation.


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