7 Things To Do Before Botox Treatment

The availability of Botox is popping up in the most unusual types of businesses, and deciding where to go or what to have done can be overwhelming.

With the rise of non-surgical treatments in the U.S., it becomes increasingly important for you to be aware of industry best practices and understand what treatments are right for you.

You should always have an initial, detailed consultation with your medical professional. This is not only so they can evaluate your situation, but it also gives you an opportunity to evaluate your technician and take a tour of their practice beforehand.

1. Why are you thinking about having Botox?

Understanding your reasons why is probably one of the most important initial questions to ask yourself. Do you want to have Botox for a single special occasion or on-going treatment to reduce and prevent wrinkles? You may want to reconsider having Botox done if someone else suggested you needed it.

2. Experience and Qualification

It’s not always necessary that your medical provider is a certified master injector, but at the very least he/she should be qualified to do the assessment and treatment and that aesthetics is their main specialty. The number of patients they treat per week gives them their experience and you your results.

3. The Consultation

You must have an initial assessment to look at your whole face because Botox may not be the best value for money treatment in your case.

4. Botox For Different Age Groups

Make sure your medical provider explains how Botox works and the effects of Botox in different age groups.

5. Side Effects

If Botox is right for you, make sure your medical provider explains the side effects, then have photos taken, sign a consent form and ask for aftercare information.

6. Follow Up

Botox takes up to 2 weeks to work. Make sure you have a follow up appointment for your medical provider to discuss your results. Your medical provider must explain your results, because initially you may not be aware that more Botox is needed.

7. Book Your Next Appointment

For no less than 4 months as you should have your next treatment before the Botox wear off so that you lose the muscle memory.

What To Do Next

If you are considering Botox treatment and want to learn about if it’s right for you, contact Wake Health Medical Group by calling (919) 554-6754 or schedule a consultation with one of our medical providers today!

Disclaimer: Information and content within this blog is provided for informational purposes only. This blog is not intended to provide medical advice, and anything read here should not be construed as such. Reading this blog or communicating with our staff does not create a physician-patient relationship. If you have questions about any health issue, including something you may have read here, please consult a licensed, trained physician or health professional immediately.

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