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Acne Specialist for Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary and Surrounding Areas

At Wake Health Medical Group in Raleigh, NC, our acne specialist believe that healthy skin is your best defense against skin disease and the effects of the environment and lifestyle on your skin.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we are able to maintain the integrity of your skin and even reverse the effects of aging and the environment, enabling you to look and feel your very best. New developments in cosmetic dermatology allow us to provide you with various options to maintain your skin and appearance.

We take great pride in our professional services. Our philosophy is to bring you aesthetic treatments that are result-oriented in a safe environment. At Wake Health Medical Group, we help you achieve health and restore your youthful appearance while providing privacy, comfortable surroundings and many alternatives for your acne and cosmetic skin care.

What We Offer

At Wake Health Medical Group what we offer is the opportunity for busy, healthy, vital Raleigh residents to look and feel their best through:

  • State-of-the-art treatments — BOTOX® Cosmetic, laser hair removal, wrinkle fillers, acne treatments in Raleigh, North Carolina and much more — thoroughly evaluated and chosen by experts for safety and results.
  • Services administered by warm, caring, professional staff — including registered nurses and paramedic/aestheticians — in a relaxing and private environment.
  • Close supervision by highly-trained medical staff.
  • Our services are designed and monitored by licensed medical professionals. Our director is a skilled, personable, physician known for honest, open relationships with his patients.

We know, just as you do, that when you invest in yourself you feel great — more confident, more capable, more alive. We want to be your long term partners in looking and feeling wonderful. When you evaluate all your North Carolina skin care options and select Wake Health Medical Group, you’ll be treated to a special experience and the benefits of your time with us will last well into the future.

Our Philosophy

Acne-Specialist-in-RaleighWe believe wholeheartedly in the importance of a professional, scientifically-based skin care regimen.

In our Raleigh, NC office we have fully integrated the aesthetic surgery office and medical spa. The advantage of this approach is that all of your personal aesthetic needs can be met in one location, where the combined expertise of the physician, nursing staff and medical aestheticians is used to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for each client. Visit us at Wake Health Medical Group and see for yourself!

Office Visit

Although skincare is our principal focus, as a licensed Primary Care facility, we welcome patients needing prescription refills, answers to medical questions, physical exams, etc. If you have skincare issues and are unsure as to what your treatment should be, then schedule an office visit with one of our provider.

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