Don’t Let Acne Scars Destroy Your Self-Esteem

Don't Let Acne Scars Destroy Your Self-Esteem
It’s bad enough dealing with acne, but when acne scars form it can be devastating at any age. Our skin care specialists’ helps you sort through the many options for treating damaging skin.

Wake Health Medical Group Raleigh NC specializes in the treatment of acne, including acne scars, cystic lesions, blackhead, blemishes, and pimples.

Laser treatment for acne scarring

It is not uncommon for acne sufferers to develop acne scarring in their teens or early twenties.

Acne scars often cause unattractive depressions in the skin on the face; most often over the cheeks. The good news is that there is now a suitable treatment for most skin types with acne scarring – called Smoothbeam Laser.

Smoothbeam is an advanced multi-effect non-invasive laser treatment appropriate for acne scarring, active acne and collagen loss. These quick and comfortable laser treatments are highly effective in reducing active acne and acne scars and reversing some loss of collagen due to natural aging.

The Smoothbeam laser emits a wavelength of 1450nm and this wavelength has specific properties that make it capable of treating active acne. This laser wavelength is able to target specific structures in the skin, particularly the sebaceous glands — one of the causes of acne.

Reducing the appearance of acne scars

In some cases, dermal fillers can be helpful in treating severe depressions by elevating the scar. Sometimes the scars are retrained by fibrous strands and these can be incised to the acne scar.

If the acne is still active, it will need to be contained before the scarring is treated. Active acne can be treated with a variety of solutions such as retinoid creams and benoxyl lotion, to name a few.

For precise recommendation about your acne or scarring, consult with one of our skin care specialists at Wake Health Medical Group. With years of experience and skin care knowledge, they will be able to talk to you about all the options suitable for your specific situation including Smoothbeam Laser.

What to do next

Come in or schedule your complimentary consultation online to talk to the friendly team at Wake Health Medical Group today to get a better understanding of how Smoothbeam laser and other suitable treatments can help reduce your scarring issues and ultimately increase your self-esteem.

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