How to Tackle Tiredness and Fatigue

How to Tackle Tiredness and Fatigue | Wake Health Medical Group
Working long days and trying to fit in our social lives around that can really make you feel the effects of tiredness and fatigue. We all know the jargon about getting a good night’s sleep, but sometimes it’s just not doable, and the lack of enough sleep may not necessarily be the reason for feeling tired.

Let’s check out the different causes of tiredness and fatigue and how you can tackle them.

Boosting your energy with treatments

Vitamins are known to help boost energy levels and improve your hair, nails and skin. Our Lipotropic injection contains a supercharged blend of nutrients to boost your energy and wellbeing. Follow it up with a vitamin B injection and you’ll ready for activities! This tip has an added bonus of being able to also lose weight. Learn more about the lipotropic portion of our Lipo B injections.

Increase your amount of beauty sleep

Beauty sleep is the amount of sleep that is considered to be sufficient to keep one looking young and beautiful. While sleep may not be the sole reason for your tiredness and fatigue, it can play a big role. Take small steps to increase the quality of your sleep. For example, try going to bed and wake up at the same time for at least seven consecutive days and nights. This consistency will help your body to a sleep routine, and can really help you to not fee so tired on a regular basis or run out of energy so quickly.

Another way to increase your beauty sleep is by taking a nap. We know it’s not always convenient to do that while working an eight hour day job or taxing the kids to and from school and activities. But, not to worry — we have come up with a super better solution. One of our favorite ways to have a quick snoozer is by drifting off while having a soothing facial.

Visit us for some TLC and enjoy one of our relaxing facials and dream away your daily stresses. Relax and let yourself drift off into a light slumber while our expert therapists work their magic, and leave feeling and looking rejuvenated and refreshed.

Minimize the appearance of tiredness

Sadly, as we age, and sometimes genetics is to blame, we suffer from dark circles underneath the eyes. Even though you may not be tired, aesthetically, these dark circles can give us the appearance of looking drained and tired. Restylane dermal filler is a great treatment to undergo if you are suffering from dark circles or tired, sunken eyes. Our master injectors will inject the hyaluronic acid dermal filler into the area under the eyes to the appearance of rejuvenated and youthful eyes.

Exercise for energy

Exercise is a good way to fight fatigue. Sitting on the coach with the remote in hand does not count as exercise. An excellent activity for optimum energy-boosting results, yet a low-intensity exercise is walking. Not just strolling along while chatting it up with friends, but walking at a speed to increase your normal heart while sitting.

What’s next?

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