Annual Physical

Annual Physical with a Primary Care Physician

An annual physical is necessary to help determine that your body is still functioning as it should be. Most insurance companies cover one Wellness Exam per year with a Primary Care Physician. We also offer sports physicals, orders for lab tests, and other general wellness offerings such as flu shots.

A wellness visit is usually an annual physical. This examination helps your doctor determine what risks you are facing and make recommendations to improve your overall health. For some people, the annual physical examination is a source of reassurance that they are as healthy as they feel. Others do it as a warning, to catch health problems before they become serious.

An annual physical is a simple, non-stressful process. We take your medical and family history, test your organ functions and vital signs, and perform routine diagnostic and preventive (lab) tests. And because we want you to have total wellness, we’ll discuss your diet and exercise habits, recreational habits, any medications you’re taking, which vaccines you might need, your emotional health, and more.

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