Full Body Skin Exam

The Importance Of A Full Body Skin Exam

Full Body Skin ExamFull body skin exams are useful in assessing abnormalities or changes in the epidermis. The earlier you detect skin cancer the easier it is to treat successfully. Most insurance companies pay for one visit per year.

It is not uncommon for an early skin cancer to be dismissed as a stubborn acne bump or even go unnoticed because obvious symptoms are often absent. When left untreated, skin cancers will keep growing and can lead to disfigurement or loss of function.

During a full body skin exam, our medical specialist will examine your entire body, head to toe, for suspicious areas. The quick and painless procedure is an invaluable tool in the early detection of skin cancer as well as many other skin conditions. Regular examinations are recommended and are an essential tool for screening patients for both benign and cancerous growths.

FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM machine

Total Body Photography & Dermoscopy

FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM

The First Automated Skin Cancer Screening System of Its Kind

Along with our Full Body Skin Exams, you will receive body mapping with our Fotofinder. Total body photography is the best way to track potential changes in moles and lesions for early detection of possible skin cancer. The FotoFinder Bodystudio ATBM system can take total body images (four sides, palms and soles) in about four minutes. The camera is designed to move up and down automatically, while taking consistently illuminated photos with the ATBM BodyFlash lighting system. These photos are saved and used to compare year to year as a patient returns for their Full Body Skin Exam. It’s an excellent tool to keep track of your changes in your skin!

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