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Individualized Medical Weight Loss Program

medical weight lossWake Health Medical Group’s medical weight loss center offers a professional medical weight loss program. Our individualized medical weight loss program is physician supervised. We are dedicated to your health and well-being. It’s an astounding statistic, but close to two-thirds of all Americans are overweight or obese, putting them at a higher risk of developing many serious illnesses. In addition to the constant emotional stress of being heavy in our thinness-obsessed culture, an overweight (and particularly an obese) person is more likely to potentially develop diabetes, hypertension, or other weight-related diseases.

It is obvious that most diets don’t work, at least not where permanent weight loss is concerned. Research has shown that close to 90% of all people who lose weight on a diet regain all of it back (and often more!) within months or a few years of ending their program.

After a careful evaluation of your unique and individualized needs, we will formulate a plan that will help you to get to an optimal goal weight, and will show you how to incorporate healthier habits into your new lifestyle for lasting results.

B12 and B-12 Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic is a fancy word for three amino acids that are essential for the health of your liver. Your liver is the organ responsible for removing fat and toxins from your body, so if it is healthier, it will work better for you. The amino acids in the B12-Lipotropic shots are compounds that enhance liver function and increase the flow of fats and bile from the liver and gallbladder. By definition, a Lipotropic substance decreases the deposit, or speeds up the removal of fat within the liver. The key amino acids used to make these shots are: Choline, Methionine, and Inositol.

Our B-12 Lipotropic Injections Contain: Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, & Lipotropics. Vitamin B-12 is essential for helping to form new, healthy cells in the body. It also boosts energy, helping to increase activity levels.

Weight Loss Consult

Detailed, medically supervised weightloss consultations and follow-ups with our providers are key to your weightloss journey. These visits are a good starting point to help establish long term weightloss goals and track your progress.

To discuss a medical weight loss program that’s best for you, call us at (919) 554-6754 to schedule an appointment or use our online appointment scheduler.

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