Safe Mole Removal Process

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Moles are skin growth consisting of cells that produce pigment. They are not very attractive and most people are interested in a safe mole removal process. They can appear anywhere on the skin, in groups or alone and most people get a few moles during their first 20 years of life.

Some celebrities have made their fortune, in-part due to their famous moles. And then there are other people who are who highlight their facial mole with makeup; seeing it more as a pleasing adding to their aesthetic rather than something negative.

Moles are rather peculiar; they don’t normally require treatment, but depending on their size, placement or mass, people will either flaunt them, so to speak, or detest them and basically will only want them removed because they cause discomfort when they rub against clothing, jewelry, shaving or for cosmetic reasons.

You can have your mole removed if it is causing you dissatisfaction or discomfort.

At Wake Health Medical Group, we recommend you have a full body skin exam to check for skin cancer before beginning a treatment. This will involve dermoscopy which is an examination of the skin using a hand-held skin surface microscope.

If we have any concerns that your mole may present signs of early skin cancer, the mole will be removed surgically and sent to the laboratory for histological analysis.

Mole removal options

There are a number of ways that a mole can be removed. Three common mole removal options are regular surgical excision, a shave excision or a punch excision. In a punch excision, the dermatologist uses a small cookie-cutter like device and twist the mole plug out. This method requires a couple of fine sutures. In a shaving (tangential excision), the dermatologist cut the mole off using a sharp scalpel; no sutures are required. A surgical excision will be performed if the mole is larger.

What to do next

Come in or schedule your complimentary consultation online to talk to one of our medical providers at Wake Health Medical Group today to get a better understanding your mole removal options and other available treatments to ultimately increase your self-esteem.

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